Turbine Oil Cleaning System

The turbine oil used in power generation facilities is a type of industrial oil. The oil lubricates and cools the internal components of turbines. Turbine oil is used in steam, gas and hydro turbines, as well as turbo compressors etc. The oil is also a coolant in turbine controls and warrants the best performance of not only the turbine, but also other industrial equipment.
Turbine oil formulations are relatively simple, they are a mixture of Base oil, Corrosion inhibitors, Oxidation inhibitors, Defoamants and Demulsifiers. The Base oil is usually 97% or more of the turbine oil formula. The most important parameter is oxidation stability and resistance to aging.
As water, air and other contaminants enter the oil, the oxidation processes accelerate. Besides, aging oil can form sludge, which is difficult to remove from internal spaces of the equipment and which affects the equipment adversely by increasing the rate of mechanical wear. Formation of stable compounds with water promotes corrosion. Sludge, as a result of the aging process, causes wear of supports and bearings. The contaminants reduce the service life of the turbine oil and cause increased wear of industrial equipment.
OCS machine helps to remove sludge, carbon particles and other contamination from oil, and HF fibre filter helps to remove Moisture from the oil and prevent pitting, corrosion and erosion of turbine metal parts, specially bearing and rotating blades.

Advantages :

  • Remove Moisture from turbine oil.
  • Remove Carbon particles and sludge from oil.
  • Prevent major breakdowns.
  • Help to prevent Oxidation and Foaming in turbine oil.
  • Help to prevent corrosion on turbine parts.
  • Enhance the life of bearings and other moving parts of turbine.
  • Maintain oil Quality and chemical properties.

Benefits :

  • Compact Portable unit
  • Centrifuge removes fine suspended particles from oil.
  • No Filtration element.
  • Easy to clean and reuse filtration components, centrifuge & magnetic filters.

Turbine Oil Cleaning System
Turbine Oil Cleaning System
Turbine Oil Cleaning System
Turbine Oil Cleaning System