Chip Compactor

Since many years in Machine Shop Cutting tools & coolant is used during machining process. During the machining process a lot of cutting oil (coolant) is also wasted and chips or grinding dust is produced in large quantity. These chips are collected in trollies & moved to scrap yard. Huge space in scrap yard is utilized for this conventional chip storage method With the help of Chip Compactor we can save space as well as reuse oil & coolant with the help of machines with. We can rrecycle oil and coolant along with maximum use of space by using Oilmax Chip Compactor.
Large amount of chips in machine shop are generated and lots of oil & Coolant is also wasted. Solution to this is separation of oil / coolant and recycling of loose chips. To serve these purpose, we have developed a Chip Compactor Machine. Because of this product manufacturer can save cost of maintenance of scrapyard and transportation cost of loose chips. This Chip compactor compacts loose chips into a dense briquettes, it has become very easy melting these dense briquettes instead of loose chips.

Chip Compactor

Chip Compactor

Chip Compactor

Vertical Chip Compactor

Chip Compactor

Conventional Chip Storage Vs Compacted Briquettes

Chip Compactor

Laguna Metts Corporation, Philippines for Aluminium Chips

Chip Compactor

Kohler India, Bharuch For Machining Brass Burr

Chip Compactor

Tata Motors, Pune For Machining Chips

Chip Compactor

TVS Upasana, Chennai For Thread Rolling Burr Reduce Storage Space by 90% to 95%

Chip Compactor

Carraro India, Ranjangaon For gear Hobbing Burr Achieve High Recycling Yield

Chip Compactor

Vulkan Technologies, Pune For Spiral Swarf Reduced Storage & Disposal Cost

Chip Compactor

Shriram Pistons, Bhiwadi For Grinding dust drying and briquetting TVS Upasana, Chennai For Thread Rolling Burr Reduce Storage Space by 90% to 95%

Chip Compactor

Anant Enterprises, Pune For Chips Achieve High Recycling Yield

Chip Compactor

Sesa India, Neemrana For Grinding Dust Reduced Storage & Disposal Cost





Ecomax 12-80

Bailing chamber size (Inch) LxWxH

∅4” x 6” (1200 CC)

Final Bale size (Inch) ) LxWxH

∅4” x 2”

Hydraulic Cylinder Force

80 T

Electric Motor

10 HP, 3 Phase, 415 V

Cycle Time

24 Seconds

Approx. density expected

~3500 to 4500

Brick Size (DIA - MM)

100 x 50 mm

Brick Weight

700 Gram to 2 KG (Depending upon material)


250 KG per Hr.

Special Features



Auto Stop

Machine stops automatically if chips are not available in hopper

Coolant / Oil Collection

Coolant collection tank with delivery pump can be provided

Hopper size

There is option of screw conveyor with bigger hopper capacity (400-500 KG or more) for loading higher volume of scrap.

HMI / Operating Panel

7” HMI / Screen is provided which is very user friendly. The working cycle is continuously displayed on the HMI & will show fault if occur 

Feeding Auto Stop

The feeding conveyor can be stopped when hopper is filled up fully through auto stop feeding mechanism

Crusher, Conveyor & Hopper

There is option of crusher for lengthier chips, conveyor & hopper to avoid manual interference

Advantages of using Chip Compactor :

  • Storage : Hygienic chip storage with Reduction of storage space by 75 or 85%
  • Accountability : Accountability of chips for monitoring
  • Transportation Cost : Reduction in transportation cost
  • Selling Cost : High selling cost of scrap as it is dried
  • Reuse of Oil & Coolant : Almost 90% oil/coolant can be recovered and can be reused which is going along with the scrap
  • Reduction in power consumption : Compacted bricks can directly fed in to furnace hence there will be low power consumptions in foundries
  • For Smelters & Melters : Less surface area to oxidize and become slag.
  • Furnace Utilization : Will reduce melting time which increases Furnace Utilization. Fumes & Blasts are avoided in furnaces
  • Pollution control : Contribution to reduce industrial pollution