Ultrasonic Cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaning is used in industry as a cost effective and efficient way to clean oil filters, valves, coolers etc. Ultrasonic cleaners are used to remove carbon, fine dirt, salt deposits, silt and debris found on filters and components.

Ultrasonic Cleaners

Applications :

  • Fuel, Lube & Hydraulic oil filters
  • Fuel Injection Nozzles
  • Oil Purifier parts
  • Turbo-charge parts
  • Heaters & Coolers
  • Compressor & Engine valves etc.

Features and Advantages :

  • Powerful & more efficient cleaning of filters and components
  • All areas are Easily Accessed for better dirt removal
  • Stainless steel Enclosure Provides Ease of operation while Eliminating Potential Corrosion
  • Inbuilt Digital Timer & Digital Temperature Controller for heater
  • Dry run protection provided for safety of the equipment.
  • Removal of all contaminants including dirt, soot, carbon etc. down to a microscopic particle size
  • Extends life of filters and intervals between scheduled maintenance cleaning sessions
  • Reduced downtime & breakdown due to filter clogging

Working Principle

An ultrasonic cleaner is a cleaning device that uses very high frequency ultrasound waves to clean items. They are equipped with ultrasonic generator which excites tank-mounted piezo electric transducers creating millions of microscopic bubbles in the cleaning solution. These bubbles implode on contact with the parts being cleaned, to blast away contaminants from surface wetted by the ultrasonic cleaning solution. This action also penetrates blind holes, cracks, and recesses including hidden passageways. Due to this high- frequency wave action, ultrasonic cleaners can remove contaminants faster and better than other types of cleaners. Ultrasonic cleaning is not only cost effective but also offers a fast turnaround of the parts to ensure the least down time possible.

Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic Cleaners
Ultrasonic Cleaners

Technical Specifications :

Technical Specifications

Note : Different sizes are available as per customer requirement.